Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Singapore Zoo

I have been in a little bit of a funk lately which is why I haven't written in several days. It happens from time to time to me since I've been living out here, but luckily, a trip to the Night Safari last night pulled me out of it.

I can't believe I left The Singapore Zoo off of my list of the things I'm most grateful for out here in Singapore! It is, hands down, the most amazing Zoo I have ever been to. If you are an animal lover, as I am, you will be in heaven. Honestly, it's the one thing I find really worth going to Singapore to see, if you happen to be in Asia. And the Night Safari is actually a separate zoo that's only open at night and homes all the nocturnal animals.

The Singapore Zoo is so amazing because there is not a cage in sight. You are so unbelievably close to the animals (sometimes only separated by a small trench, short trench, or nothing at all!) When we walked in, we were greeted by this lemur-type, fuzzy, adorable animal just sitting on the rope railing. The only thing keeping you from petting the animals is a sign that says, "Please don't touch the animals." And people just don't touch them! It's so incredible, but made me really sad when I thought about America and how we could never ever have a zoo like that. I feel like Americans are so "sue-happy" and American children are so used to just doing whatever the heck they want, that a zoo like this would never last. The Asian and Indian culture are much more reserved, especially here and seem to really respect "the rules."

But back to the zoo! After we took pictures with our incredible and photo ready friend, we walked through a jungle area on a wooden plank bridge next to an enormous prehistoric looking crocodile and there were monkeys swinging from vines above us. I just kept thinking, "If they wanted to, they could just hop down from the vines and join us!"

Then we came to a wide open clearing with a stream and came as close to white tigers as I have ever been. They were just going about their business and seemed so happy!

Next we saw the giraffes, which are so breath taking in person, especially when you are only a couple of feet from them! The only thing between us and them was a 2 foot high wooden fence. I'm not quite sure why the don't just step over the fence, but maybe they do! That's what makes it so exciting!
Zebras, lions and cheetahs, oh my!

The Rhinos were spectacular, and did you know that their horn is actually not a tusk, it's a mass of coarse hair and that's why when it falls off or breaks it just grows right back? Just one of the fascinating things I learned at the zoo!

The Singapore Zoo even has an enormous area that looks like the north pole for the Polar Bears, which I was pretty surprised to see in Singapore where the record low is 68 degrees!

Next, we went to see the Elephant show, where 5 beautiful and awe-inspiring elephants performed a great show with their trainers. The elephants seemed really happy and weren't being whipped or abused, thank goodness. The trainers in the show explained that they don't use any inhumane forms of training at the Sing Zoo.

The orangutans are always a blast to watch and sometimes give you those eery looks that make you think, "Woah, we are not that far from you!"

We wandered into the Australian section and literally stood right next to the kangaroos! I was freaking out! I've never even seen a kangaroo in person!

We ended the day with my absolute favorite memory of the zoo, The Fragile Forest. This was a gigantic screened in area of the rain forest where you are literally just walking among the animals. Basically, YOU are in the cage. There were beautiful birds, butterflies landing on you, bats flying around your head, and lemurs hanging out to say hello! All of a sudden you would sense something next to you, and a mousedeer would be standing next to your feet nibbling on some grass. I was in heaven!

The Night Safari was so much fun as well, but since you cannot use flash photography because it disturbs the animals, I don't have much in the way of pictures. But our friend Steve (who was celebrating his birthday) got pulled up on stage during the Predators of the Night show! Here's the picture!

Sometimes you just need your furry friends to put things in perspective and to slap a big childish grin on your face!


  1. Soooo fun! Thanks for sharing these pics, Erin, they're fantastic! Isn't just like the animal kingdom to be just the thing to pull you out of your funk? LOVE those guys!!

    Glad you're feeling better! And thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Cheers!

  2. Just found your blog. Thanks for the great pictures!

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  4. The zoo sounds amazing! I would have liked to have seen the Night Safari.