Friday, September 4, 2009

I touch my face

I touch my face in my sleep. Not like sleeping on my hand, it's different. It's wierd.

I lay on my back with my arm stretched up above my head then I crane my hand up in the air and lightly touch my nose, lips and cheeks with just my middle finger. I'll trace around the curves of my face. I've often woke myself up doing this. I've tried to google it, but apparently, I'm the only wierdo that does it.

Del and I brought it up when we were on vacation with my parents and my mother responded, "Oh yes, you've always done that, even as a child." What the heck?! Del makes fun of me all the time for it. He says he's going to video tape it so I can see how bizarre it is. It goes on all night.

There's really not much else to this story. I was just hoping to reach out a creepy craned arm to any other face touchers out there . . .

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