Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Comedy Fights Breast Cancer

I can release my first big sigh of relief! I had my fundraiser for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer last night and it was much more successful then I had imagined. Only 3 seats open by the time Dan Bialeck started his comedy CD recording!

Honestly, I'm exhausted because I ran around all day yesterday in preparation and then had the event, then worked in the morning. I barely slept because this Los Angeles heat wave/brush fires are making it difficult to get comfortable (between sweating my ass off because we only have AC in the living room and not being able to breath.) So this will be short and not particularly well structured.

Here are some things that touched me:

1. The friend who got her shift covered to come support me. (even after donating a ridiculous amount and me begging her not to worry if she couldn't make it.)

2. The friend and her husband that rushed over and donated an amazing raffle prize even though they get limited time to spend with eachother. They spent an evening with me for charity.

3. The friend who came even after it was too late to see the show to donate just because she wanted to support.

4. Walking on stage to do the raffle, announcing that all the money brought in that night was for the underprivileged who are fighting breast cancer, and getting an enthusiastic burst of applause.

5. Making more then my "I'll be happy if I raise this amount," quota and feeling like I have a good chance now of raising enough to do the walk.

6. Giving people prizes!!!

7. Hearing all the laughter throughout the show. Del and I had to man the lobby so we didn't get to see the show, but overhearing the laughter was a cool experience.

8. The amazing conversation we had in the lobby during the show. I fall in love with Del over and over again all the time.

9. Standing in Target with Del realizing he is really going to pick out a pink shirt and wear it for me for the event. That's love.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in any way at all. This has been such a different experience from last time and I only have $275 to go! I think I can do it!

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